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<%If r_use_authorize then%> <%end if%> <%'=============================================================== ' Add Username / password boxes DIM isUpdate : isUpdate = False If r_allow_update AND (UserUpdate OR ChkUpdate = "True") then isUpdate = True If ContinueRegister <> "True" OR NOT r_2stage_form OR r_use_authorize then%> <% If isUpdate then '--------------------------------------- ' Its an update, we dont need form boxes for the username '--------------------------------------- %> <% Else '--------------------------------------- ' Show Username box to allow input '--------------------------------------- %> <% Call InputRow ("UserName",txtUserName,UserName,"text",4,1) End If '--------------------------------------- ' Register, show Password boxes ' (Only if r_send_random is off and not an update) '--------------------------------------- If NOT r_send_random OR isUpdate then %> <% Call InputRow ("T2",txtPassword,T2,"password",7,1) Call InputRow ("T3",txtConfirm,T3,"password",7,1) End if Else '--------------------------------------- ' Its part 2 of a 2 stage form '--------------------------------------- %> <% If NOT r_send_random then%> <% End if End if '=============================================================== '----------------------------- ' Continue with rest of registration '----------------------------- If ContinueRegister = "True" OR (NOT r_2stage_form) OR r_use_authorize OR (UserUpdate OR ChkUpdate="True") then %> <% If (Mid(strShowField,2,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_first_name",txtFirstName,x_firstname,"text",2,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,3,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_last_name",txtLastName,x_lastname,"text",3,1) End if Call InputRow("x_email",txtEMail,x_email,"text",5,1) If r_hide_email then %> <% End If '=============================================================== '----------------------------- ' Add extended info if reqired '----------------------------- If r_extended_info then If (Mid(strShowField,24,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_website",txtWebSite,x_website,"text",24,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,16,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_company",txtCompany,x_company,"text",16,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,22,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_phone",txtPhone,PhoneFormat(x_phone),"text",22,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,23,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_fax",txtFax,PhoneFormat(x_fax),"text",23,1) End If If (Mid(strShowField,17,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_address",txtAddress,x_address,"text",17,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,18,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_city",txtCity,x_city,"text",18,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,19,1)=1) then If r_show_states then Call InputRow("",txtState,Replace(Application(appName&"x_state"),""""&x_state&"""", """"&x_state&""" Selected"),"list",19,3) Else Call InputRow("x_state",txtState,x_state,"text",19,1) End if End if If (Mid(strShowField,20,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_zip",txtZip,x_zip,"text",20,3) End if If (Mid(strShowField,21,1)=1) then Call InputRow("",txtCountry,Replace(Application(appName&"x_country"),""""&x_country&"""", """"&x_country&""" Selected"),"list",21,3) End if If (Mid(strShowField,25,1)=1) then Call InputRow("",txtFound,Replace(Application(appName&"x_UserFound"),""""&x_UserFound&"""", """"&x_UserFound&""" Selected"),"list",25,3) End if If (Mid(strShowField,26,1)=1) then Call InputRow("x_spare",txtSpare,x_spare,"text",26,1) End if If (Mid(strShowField,10,1)=1) then If bUseAccessGroup then Call InputRow("",txtAccessLevel,Replace(Application(appName&"x_AccessLevel"),""""&AccessLevel&"""", """"&AccessLevel&""" Selected"),"list",10,3) Else Call InputRow("AccessLevel",txtAccessLevel,AccessLevel,"text",10,1) End if End if '---------------- ' NOTE: Any new custom fields are added after this line. ' They may be inserted above, if you wish to change the display order ' The format is : ["form name"],[text name],[actual value],["Input Type"],[Array Order],[Style] '---------------- End If End if %>

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